Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Breaking The Seal

The Jamaican authorities called. They want my black man card back. Why? I broke the seal. Yes. I cried. 

I thought black guys crying was a myth. Until today. It wasn't even a particularly devastating circumstance either. It was a film that did it. Nevertheless, regardless of reason I should  have kept it all together right?

Make no mistake however. It wasn't a flooding affair,  bucket loads of  salty fluid -insert sexual innuendo- did not escape my eyes, Niagara Falls was not cascading the length of my face.

So what happened? Let me take you back in time..

The year is 2009. It is June and as it is my friend's birthday we are on our way to the Vue cinema in the O2 Arena to see Zombieland. Now I think you will agree that Zombieland is a reasonably manly film which is what helped fuel the rage when the ticket clerk tells me they were sold out. To make matters worse, the clerk then accuses me and another friend of being too young to see it anyway. In an effort to humiliate us further he smirks and says:"You could always watch UP, it's the film of the year!"

We all laugh, disregarding his statement as utter nonsense and head home for a testosterone fueling session of fast food and fifa. Good times.

Fast-forward to November 2012, a movie night with my uni buds. The tears are yet to come.

So we were watching Buried which put me in a severe state of depression (it's a really good film, check it out). My housemate suggests we find videos on YouTube  to cheer me up. "Oh, a Disney film Noel! This looks good!" *clicks play* *cue opening scene from UP*
Let's just say I went to bed with no faith left in humanity.

Anyway, today I happened to be browsing the films section of BBC iPlayer. Guess what film they have available? For 19 years no film has ever made me cry. Today all that changed. I lost my movie-tears virginity to UP. It really is a brilliant film, both the music and animation are outstanding.

Here I am 3 years later I will finally admit, THAT CLERK WAS RIGHT.

The seal is finally broken! 


  1. Man that black guy looked like he had some intense staring contest

  2. Only been 2 film's to make me cry and one of them is an anime. You are not alone!

    On the plus side good sense of film selections